Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If you are a scrapper, check this out...a chance to win a free spot at the event in Atlanta, April 30th-May 2nd.

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On the road again...

this time to Nashvegas, aka Nashville, TN. We spent last weekend in Nashville to go to the SEC gymnastics championship, go to McKay's (great used bookstore) and just to get away from the craziness we call life. Here we are at the riverfront across from the Titans stadium

The famous Earnest Tubbs record shop

On trips, I always make a point to search out any scrapbook stores wherever we may be and in return we have to do something for David so.....since he is really into civil war stuff and photography we spent a good deal of time doing stuff he likes too.
We started our trip early Friday morning to be able to stop all the places we wanted....
1st stop-Lynchburg, TN home of the Jack Daniels Brewery and best of all FREE
We had the best tour guide and learned alot about the whiskey process and that some people will actually pay up to $9000 to have their own barrel of whiskey delivered to their door.

2nd stop-Stones River Battleground, this is the most endangered civil war sight due to all the traffic and urban growth around it, as you walked thru it you could picture the soldier hiding within the rock formations.

Saturday we headed off to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens because it was FREE(this was a BUDGET conscious trip) also along with half the population of Nashville . I think we were about 2 weeks early though cause most things hadn't bloomed out yet. After a quick trip north to visit a scrapbook store :) (and we saw a kitty that looked like Kit Kat too) we headed downtown to the Sommet (pronounced Somay) Center for the gymnastics and it was great seeing all those athletes perform and yea to Bama for beating Georgia to win the championship.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Sad, Sad Day

It has been a sad day at the Carson house...our little baby, Kit Kat, went to kitty heaven sometime last nite. He was our youngest kitty, who would have been 6 in November, and it is really hard cause all of our kitties mean the world to us, but him especially. He would play fetch with David, jump in you lap while you were on the computer, crawl under the covers while you read at nite, push the other cats out of the way to get to the food ball first even though he was alot smaller than them. Everybody loved him and his little crossed eyes.

We know is in a better place and not feeling yucky anymore and even though we knew in the back of our minds this day would come, it still doesn't make it any easier. I guess that is why Blackie showed up in our lives, to help fill the empty space that Kit Kat would leave us with.
WE LOVE YOU KIT KAT!!! You will always be momma's baby!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yes....it is snowing in Alabaster on March 1st!!! The first snow at our new house was awaiting us this morning, I heard David on the phone with his dad, so I peek out the window and there it is-white stuff covering the ground. We spent the morning out in it taking pictures and walking thru the neighborhood, cause how many times can you do that in the South??? It was almost "blizzard" like cause there was so much falling and the wind was blowing it everywhere, the last time it did that was the "Blizzard of 93". We officially got 3 3/4" in our back yard.

But sadly, it is already gone and we should be in the 70's by the weekend, which will be nice because softball season has started and it is no fun watching Paige play in the cold!!