Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last one...

So here it is.... my last Design Team challenge and boy was it a tough one. We had to make an album on why we wanted to be a designer, which meant more journal
I tried to take a fun outlook when I did this, because this is the first time I have EVER considered putting my designs on display for everyone to see. Now if you wondering why there is a chicken on the front, the design team if for Two Chicks Designs, so it was a little play on words hoping to get their attention. I have submitted the final entry and now it is just wait and see what happens, but I am crossing my fingers that I might make it :) but if not, it has been a great experience and got me back into my scrap room, which has been greatly needed!!

So I have no idea why the last picture rotated and I have no idea how to fix it... it was rotated before I put it here, so go figure...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Been busy in the scrap room...

Wow, I have been really busy/productive in my scrap room lately, the following items were done between Sunday nite and Tuesday nite.

For whatever reason, I decided, like 6 hours before the deadline, to submit a 2 page layout for the Two Chicks design team challenge. Crazy I know, but I also took on a mini book in a 3 hour time period before too... anyway saw the challenge on facebook and thought, "what the heck", I mean the worse they can tell me is I didn't make it.

So here is my layout, it had to be an "informal resume" about yourself (and those of you who know my scrapbook tendencies (like no journaling ever) that is a heck of alot of journaling isn't it??)

So the next day after submitting this layout, I get an email for Challenge # 2, create 6 cards.... 6 cards!!!! I am not a card maker, I leave that to my MIL, she makes great cards, so seriously I think about calling her and seeing if I can steal some...NO I didn't do that, I sucked it up and made the cards, which was tough-well not too tough, I figured if by some crazy chance I was actually picked I need to be able to think outside the 12" x 12" box I prefer to stay in.

So here are the cards I submitted...

Yea, I keep cards VERY plain and simple since I don't make them often/EVER.

So, say a few prayers for me, it would be a HUGE honor if I do get I asked, because I don't think my pages are all that great, like I am one of those people who wonder after showing something, do others laugh about when I walk out of the room....hee,hee,hee can't believe she used those stickers with that paper.... okay I am nuts and reverting back to high school...

I will keep you posted either way, but at least it does make me get in my scrap room!! And who know I might actually try to submit some more things. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010


This year for Christmas, the Carson's decided to change the venue from my in-laws to a big ol' cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

We surprised my neice and nephew with the trip by making a video with clues about where we might be; Bill wrestling "a bear", me as a hillbilly eating pancakes, and Atha as "Dollie" with David narrating it all, let's just say I have to be sure I have been to the bathroom before watching because it is hilarious !!!! But I don't think any of us would ever make it big as actors- LOL

The kids were really surprised and we all had a great time. We got to see snow, walk the strip in Gatlinburg, eat really good food like chocolate gravy (a Carson Christmas tradition), pancakes and ribs (from Calhoun's are #1), and play pool, air hockey and UNO and of course shop, my favorite pastime.

And we are already in talks for next year's trip