Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Rooster Retreat

Well....once again I have become a blog slacker. Back the first of August I went on this great scrapbook retreat near Cullman (north of Bham). Now, my fellow scrapper Sandy, has been inviting me to this for like 3 years and it seems like every year something would always conflict with me being able to go.

Atha (mom-in-law) and I finally got there this year and not really knowing what to expect were a bit apprehensive, me especially because
I really despise roosters of any kind, real or decorative and the name of this place kind of heebs me out especially when you drive up there is a 5 ft tall RED rooster greeting you.

Plus, other than Sandy we didn't know anybody else coming but figured we would make some new friends by the time we left, which we did.

First, although I really despise roosters, this place is pretty awesome, the owners live there and pretty much cater to all our needs.
We get a huge room with a table to ourselves for scrapping away
and Atha and I lucked out getting a bedroom and bathroom to ourselves,
sometimes it pays to be a snorer-LOL!!!

Second, the food is INCREDIBLE!!!!
I mean it is worth going just for the food....all home cooked, 3 meals a day and
I don't think there wasn't anything I didn't eat and some things I wish I had ate more of!!!

Third, all the ladies we met were super nice and really made us feel at home
and now we can't wait to head back in April!!

Oh and we all got to spend some time with this cutie-patootie and future scrapbooker, Allie...