Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Santa (please) Stop" at our house

Santa has already made a visit to our house today!!! Since we moved to the new neighborhood (Spring Gate Estates) we noticed a "Santa Stop" sign popped up on the corner of our yard a couple of weeks ago. Of course being new to the neighborhood, we were both wondering what in the world??? Well we found out this afternoon.....we start hearing a siren and then all the neighborhood kids start congregating on the corner of our yard and we realize Santa is about to make a stop right in front of our house and sure enough the siren gets REALLY loud and here comes Santa, not on his reindeer, but strapped to the front of the big yellow fire truck.
The kids are going nuts cause he passing out candy and parents are taking pictures like crazy...and then there is the one girl that starts screaming, "Santa was my softball coach last year!!!" And then the parents of the little ones are having to scramble telling that he is one of Santa's helpers since Santa himself is awfully busy today getting ready to visit all the good little boys and girls.

It was fun blessing seeing the joy in all those kids that still believe in Santa like we do!!

We want to wish all our family and friends a very Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

1st Christmas Party

Friday nite was our first Christmas party in our new house....our Sunday School class went to eat Lloyds (famous for the great hamburger steak) and then back to our house for dessert and a little Wii play, which actually turned into ALOT of Wii play-LOL!!!

It is amazing what a little competition will do for everyone - not sure why I didn't break my camera out for this, probably because I was laughing too hard to hold it steady for pics.
Here is a run down of the TOP FIVE things that happened...

1) Martha and April nearly punched our TV out boxing, the more they boxed the closer they got
2) Misty and Shelli can't stand for the other to be better at something
3) EVERYBODY had fun trying to do the "TREE" yoga pose
4) The younger you are (Paige, Mylie and Kyle) the better you are at everything
And last but not least of all...
5) Luckie definitely won the style contest in hula-hooping...can I just say "BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW!!! if only we had a video camera LOL

All in all we had a great time and definitely need to plan more Wii time!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally....done with decorating

Well we started decorating for Christmas last week (after Thanksgiving of course) and here we are one week later and have just finished up. Now it wasn't because we didn't want to, I wanted it done last Sunday, but the weather just wasn't cooperative with all the rain we got and David has some serious issues getting on the roof, I didn't think it would be smart to make him get on it while it was wet. :P

Today we finally got the chance to finish the outside by hanging the wreaths on our 2nd story windows, but I hope no inspectors come by cause I have got some serious extension cord tangles going on. Why don't they make the cords longer, how many houses have an outlet 6 inches from a window, I mean come on, would hurt to have the cord maybe 12" or 14" long??? You can always hide it if it is too long, but it is hard to make it inconspicuous when you have to add a 15 extension cord. I have extension cords plugged into extension cords that are plugged into more extension cords, and luckily haven't blown a fuse, YET!!! My power bill is probably going to be sky high this month.

Anyway here are some pics of our decorations inside and out....and yes I know we have the perfect yard for the big blow-ups of Santa and Frosty, but it ain't gonna happen...well except maybe for the Reindeer barn or maybe Santa in a helicopter on top of our, I really am kidding mom, no big blow-ups at the Carson house.