Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why is it???

Why is it when you plug up Christmas lights before you start to string them on anything they work just fine, BUT once you have them strung and you plug them in half the strand isn't lit up??? I mean seriously how is that possible to work fine one minute and not the next???

After a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at the Golden Corral (we don't eat with anyone but us) we start pulling decorations out. This year we have a new house, so we were waiting till after Christmas to buy a new tree, but came across a great priced UN-LIT (what was I thinking??) 9ft tree and I had the brilliant idea of why don't we just string the lights ourselves and leave them on when we take it down. Though we did come out much cheaper going the old fashioned way, in hindsight I should have waited till the pre-lits went on sale Dec. 26th!!! And after what seemed like an eternity we have the lights strung and have started hanging ornaments, the bottom 2, yes 2 (brand new) strands are bad-what are the chances of that happening??? So we went again this morning to swap the bad lights for new, get them strung, get the garland up, plug it in and you guessed half of the dang strand is out, luckily I just had to replace a bulb cause if that hadn't worked you would have heard about it on the news..."House demolished due to crazy woman tearing down Christmas decorations".

All in all though we have almost finished, just have the outside left and please say a prayer cause my hubby has to get on the roof and believe me when I say he is NOT looking forward to it!!

Oh and to all my Auburn friends, WAR EAGLE always!!! We will come back stronger than ever next year (hopefully)!!! And to all my BAMA friends....please ROLL the TIDE over the Gators next week!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Garage Doors

< These were the garage doors when I left on Wed. headed to Montgomery. I got back this afternoon and saw these new garage doors for the first time... > GORGEOUS don't you think?? I am so incredibly pleased with them, hopefully they don't make the rest of the outside look too bad....

BUT there is the issue of trying to fit the cars in so there will

be some rearranging going on tomorrow, seeing as a sheet of
paper won't fit between my car and the frig!! The main thing is that we can get the car inside just in time to avoid this extremely cold weather we seemed to have found about 2 months too early!!!

Just to let everyone know, my dad is back home doing fine-thanks for the prayers!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First time for everything...

Okay, so there is a first time for everything.....first step, first time riding a bike with no training wheels, first get my this my first time blogging.

Many of my friends have blogs about their families and I thought, "Why not me?" Just because we don't have kids, doesn't mean we don't have things going on that aren't noteworthy or should I say "blogworthy"??

Everybody knows we recently bought a new house and unless you build or happen upon a newly built house you probably bought what I like to call a "pre-loved home". Well that is what we did and just FYI, do good research when buying a home in foreclosure, yes the prices are low, but the work to do is much as we have found out from our experience. We have showered tons of TLC on our new house because the previous owners sure didn't, so much has been done in the 3 months we have become the official owners-NEW paint, new countertops, flooring and appliances in the kitchen, new furniture and the newest of all, garage doors. Yes we finally got our new garage doors installed late yesterday afternoon-WOOHOO!!! What a treat to be able to push a button and pull in, no more scraping my windshield on cold mornings!!! Many years I have waited to be able to pull into a garage and I am still waiting ....see my dad had to go to UAB yesterday for some minor surgery and I came to stay with my sis, Annaeke...but as soon as he gets home tomorrow, I am off....back to Alabaster and my new garage doors. How crazy is it that I am loving on garage doors??!! Well considering it is my "first time" to have them...

So how was that for a "first time"??? Informative and captivating enough for you to come back and read more later, I hope anyway...