Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy, Busy....

I know I have been a serious slacker when it comes to blogging, I just knew I would have great and witty things to right about all the time and people would be reading my blog, just laughing and thinking what a funny person I am...LOL!!!!

You know for 2 people not to have kids we have been really busy this summer....we started at Memorial Day and really just slowed down...between house projects, travel ball and scrapbook retreats we have been on the go alot more than we had planned that is for sure.

Here are some pics and info from our summer....

We started with some outside projects....finally a gate on one fence and the other closed up..YEA!!! Oh and new screen and trim on the back porch. We also had hopes for siding on the house, but after getting some quotes we will be lucky if it happens by next summer :)
My dear mom-in-law making sure they do it right!!! hahaha

We did take a few days and spent down in Mobile and Biloxi; our first time in a casino and heck no we didn't win big, might have won back what we spent. We really didn't understand the whole slot machine concept at first and after some questioning we will know more when we go back.

And we did go to Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, it was excruciatingly hot, but oh did I get the money shot!!! Yes, I did take this picture!!! David is pretty jealous too...hee-hee

Oh and we have spent several Saturdays at various ballfields watching Paige play softball, not my favorite thing in the world in the heat, but I wouldn't miss seeing her play.

This was the 1st tournament of the year, it was raining buckets and we were all sitting in the car wishing they would call it off!!!

And finally just wrapped up all the goings with a scrapbook retreat at The Red Rooster Inn in Cullman and man what a treat for sure....3 days of nothing but scrapping and great eating!!! Sorry no pics for this since they are on a different card my computer won't read, but take my work for it was great fun, made lots of news friends and can't wait to go back next year!!!

So there it is, our summer in short story form, busy but fun and now I am looking forward to a few weekends of nothing to do, well at least till football starts.

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