Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scrappy Weekend

So, I spent last weekend at the "Sweet Retreat" with a whole bunch of great girls!!  How much fun can be had with a bunch of woman on sugar and caffeine highs??  TONS, nothing better than relieving the stress of everyday life with a bunch of laughter and good times!!!!  For those of you going, HUH???  I was at a scrapbooking retreat last week with a whole bunch of friends and we eat too much candy, drink way too much caffeine and paper and glue stuff together :)

Here are some pics from the weekend, and yes I even did a few layouts along the way...

scrumptious cupcakes.... these were AWESOME!!!

      picture of my MIL, Atha working away

my favorite store owner, Paulette

I know that doesn't seem like many layouts for a WHOLE weekend, but I did help teach a class and took a class, that is my excuse anyway-LOL

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The Strings said...

For those of us that know how much goes into each layout, that is a lot for one weekend and to teach a class, etc.!!

We need to pick a day to get together!!